Monday, October 24, 2011

Wild Rose's Weaving Book Bday and Giveaway!

It's been a busy month for cabinet members, and we haven't even finished it yet! Ginger Churchill, author of the hilarious Carmen's Sticky Scab, is to be congratulated on the release of her latest picture book Wild Rose's Weaving. Yay Ginger!

With one peek inside this book you find yourself transported to a world full of wind and color, creation and inspiration. In fact, a world where any of us would love to live! A four star review on City Book Review puts it well: "Wong’s watercolor illustrations and Churchill’s touching story charmingly convey the common misunderstandings between old and young—and the places where they can come together to share adventure and imagination."

Since I'm the 'old' in our family scenario, I'm excited to share with my daughter my newfound love of all things yarn. I even made her a little purse, using yarn scraps from our local recycle center and a child's crafting loom:

There's not much to it, and the idea for it isn't even original. But I can personally attest to the wonderful feeling of discovering creation through weaving. And, since my daughter's showing an interest in weaving as well, I'm scheming to give her a copy of Wild Rose's Weaving for Christmas, along with some new yarns. If you've got a little weaver in your life, or an older weaver, too, you might do the same!

To win a free copy of this lovely new picture book, just enter your name in the comments, and tell us how you've spread the word or if you've followed us. We'll do a drawing of all the names (extra entries for each blog post, facebook mention, etc.) on Tuesday, Nov. 8th, and some lucky soul will get a copy signed by Ginger! As an added bonus, if we can add ten followers to the blog (making a total of 80) we'll do a second drawing and give away a copy of Carmen's Sticky Scab!

Best of luck, everbody!


  1. Huge Congratulations to Ginger and Rose--and to Rose's grandmother. Happy Book Birthday!

  2. Yay! I would love to win this. Posting this as one of my favorites on my own blog...

  3. My niece and I would read this often and with fervour. ;)
    Yolanda J.

  4. I love books! Ginger she is a amazing woman any one who has the chance to know her is definately a lucky woman! My daughter Yolanda never learned how to crawl there for she has struggled with basic skills such as reading! I would love to give her this book to read to me and to her siblings! Ginger you are awesome thanks for your talent ayour awesome gift of friendship! Patricia Pedroza!

  5. Oh, I love that cover. Sounds like so much fun. I used to love weaving. I had many handmade purses hanging around the house back in the day.
    I'd love to be entered in the contest, and I'm a follower.

  6. Lovely cover. Happy Birthday, Ginger!

  7. Love that purse, Suzanne! Wish you had been around when I made the rug...

  8. I'd love to enter. I'm going to tweet about it right away. I'm a follower. (And do I ever love the title Carmen's Sticky Scab.)

    Word veri: "cabit" Pretty cute considering your blog title?

  9. yay! would love to win and am becomming a follower right now!