Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rose and Carmen Giveaway!

I really wanted to have Ginger do the drawing in person, and not just cause Ginger's one of my most favorite people. Well, okay, that was why. :) But, seeing as Ginger and I live on nearly opposite sides of the country, that just isn't possible.

I settled on the next best thing. Closing my eyes, I imagined I had Ginger's glorious curly hair, just like the hair my mother promised me if only I'd eat the burnt crusts on our homemade bread. The hair felt lovely. Then I stretched my imagination even further, and pretended I had Ginger's sweet disposition and unfailing kindness. My imagination starting cracking at the seams, so I gave my bowl of names a quick shake and dipped in my hand. One name for Rose, one for Carmen. I could picture these lovely stories as I drew out the names and wanted to linger in my Ginger-fied state, but my imagination coughed, sputtered, and spit out a WARNING: OVERLOAD IMMINENT red flag. Sigh. Well, I enjoyed the few minutes while they lasted!

And those little bits of paper? The ones you're all waiting to hear about? Alright, let's open them up. The winner of a signed copy of Wild Rose's Weaving is:
Mirka Breen! Congratulations! I know you're going to love it--guaranteed!

Now let's just open that second slip of paper and see who's going to be giggling their way through Carmen's Sticky Scab:
Marcia Hoehne! Marcia, you must have really good karma as I seem to recall your having an extra interest in Carmen, and now you'll be getting your own copy! Yay!

Congratulations to both of you, and thanks to everybody for entering. If our winning M ladies can send me an email with contact info at spartan_writer at yahoo dot com with your info we'll get the books out to you!

Once again, thanks to everybody for playing and congratulation to Ginger on her book bday!


  1. Congratulations to Merka and Marcia!

  2. Just before I faint, I'll send you my contact info.
    Right after I recover, this will be a beautiful day!

  3. Wow! Am I ever glad I popped in! Thanks so much!

  4. Ha ha! Thanks all for playing and for the insight into Suzanne's delicious imagination. Perhaps I'll think of myself the way she does today and see what happens :) And most of all, CONGRATS to Mirka and Marcia!!! I have books coming in the mail next week to sign and to send so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'll get to you before Thanksgiving. I'll keep you posted!

    And to the other contestants (including several dear friends) please contact me if you like for a signed copy of either book. They are $10 and I will have extras in the box coming soon.

    Hugs and thanks to all--especially Suzanne.

  5. Your books were sent today my friends. I hope you enjoy :)