Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Need Valentine's Gift Ideas? Some of our Characters' Plans

--Pat Esden
The main character in my YA gothic, Moonhill, has big--well, more like heavy--Valentine’s Day plans.  Anie thinks Chase’s stone cottage is a bit too austere and could use more comforts.  She picked up a big, cushy 1940’s armchair at an auction. Then, because the chair wasn’t all that personal, she bought him a handmade knife with antler handle and had his name etched into it. 

The whole Valentine’s thing is a tough one for Chase. He’s never had to buy gifts until recently and never for a girl he has the hots for.  Chase asks Selena to help him.  With credit card in hand, she hauls Chase to Bar Harbor and helps him pick out a funky 1950’s Tiffany brooch . . . and a silk scarf and a pair of stilettos.  Chase brings it all home from the shopping trip, but leaves most of the ‘junk’ behind when he take Anie for a sunrise walk on the beach and gives her the brooch—which is much more useful as it can be used to pick locks or for self-defense if necessary.

In my WIP, Red Bandana, a YA suspense, Mallory’s choice is a no brainer. She creates jewelry out of antique silverware as a business. So, for Valentines, she’s working on a very special cuff bracelet for Quincy. It’s thick and kind of tribal, like the African coin silver cuffs, really guy-like--not flowery like her usual work.

Quincy’s plan starts at midnight on St. Valentine’s eve. He’s going to take Mallory to the Snake Pit for a late-night snack of waffles with extra whipped cream and strawberries—and probably a little (a lot) of heavy-duty smooching after that. But that’s not all he has in mind.  Quincy noticed Mallory eye-ing a vintage pair of cowboy boots at his dad’s pawn shop. He had his sister make sure they’d fit and is surprising Mallory with them as well.

--Laura Andersen

(The Boleyn King will be released by Ballantine Books on June 4. This interview takes place in February 1553, four months before the events of the novel begin.)

What would you most like to receive for Valentine’s Day?

Elizabeth: A divorce. Robert Dudley’s divorce, to be precise.

William: An army large enough to enforce my will and a treasury sufficiently large to pay said army. And if a comely and willing woman finds her way to my bed, I would not say no.

Minuette: Fabric—silk, satin, brocade, velvet, anything pretty and expensive will do. Or a maid of my own so I might not have to borrow one to do my hair or care for my gowns. Or ready funds enough to provide such things for myself. (Note to Dominic: Not a Book. It is not your job to teach me to be wise.)

Dominic: Strength for England. Wisdom for William. Intellectual challenge for Elizabeth. And for Minuette . . . That she continue her bright, impulsive, delightful self without getting into trouble.

Dominic, that’s more a list of what you would like to give, rather than receive. Is there nothing you want?

Dominic: What I most desire is not in anyone’s power to give.

And that is?

Dominic: None of your concern.

William: Don’t mind Dom. He always makes things more difficult than they need to be. Duty is all well and good, but it’s possible to be loyal and still enjoy oneself. If I could give him one thing, it would be a woman skilled at making men forget themselves.

Dominic: (appalled silence) Please don’t.

--Ginger Churchill

Being only six years old takes Valentine's down a notch. 

Sam, owner of Fluffy the Snake, is making sure she's well fed with Hershey's Hisses.

Andy, scab-lover, is surprisingly sweet, handing out cards that feature vampires saying, "I Vant to be Your Valentine." 

And Perry the perfectionist is giving everyone matching socks that will sit exactly 2 3/4 inches above their ankles. He's fervently wishing that someone returns the favor.

--Suzanne Warr

Taking Valentine's Day to a whole new species and featuring Ninchick hopefuls from Suzanne's own farm. The Ninchicks are, of course, the elite security branch of the chicken coop featured in Suzanne's middle grade novels.

Hoping this helps your own Valentines' preparations. 

Enjoy <3


  1. Gosh, now I totally want some Hershey Hisses --or Dominic ;)

  2. Ooh. A YA gothic. I want to read that.

    1. It's well worth reading, Alice! It's been picked up by an agent so you will hopefully get a shiny published copy someday soon (in publishing time, of course).