Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Giving Away Week the 2nd!

It seems only fair to me that I make The Golden City my giveaway book this week, since I got my first copy in a giveaway.  I don't honestly remember when exactly the giveaway was, as it took me a little time to receive the book and then pull it off the bedside stack and read it.  I remember when I opened it though.  I was recovering from a cold, and having trouble making headway against the germs.  It was one of those nasty bugs that leave us flat in bed wishing we could strike a bargain--any bargain--with the tissue god so he'll accept your mountainous offerings of crumpled white tissues and let you get up and get back to real life.

Enter into this fevered state the cool, calm presence of Oriana, and Kathleen Cheney's smooth narrative voice.  She's telling the story of a place with magic, poise, and all the finer things of life.  But, wait!  Your mind may have flown to Downton Abbey, but the high society folk of The Golden City are the prince's nobility from historic Portugal.  Against the dynamic intrigue of the city, a little romance and a lot of magic add sizzle and warmth.  Beneath that surface an undercurrent of murder and dark magic drive the book's plot, as the characters struggle to find friendship, love and hope in a web of spying and fear.  Perhaps most important, the story left me hungry for the sequel, and the characters have continued to walk around in my head--or sometimes swim, in the case of the Sereia and Selkies!

Thanks to the generosity of Kathleen (and her publisher!) we have two copies of The Golden City to give away.  Leave a comment to win your copy, and enjoy!


  1. That's a gorgeous cover! Love the light elements- and her hair. So far this winter I've been lucky not to contract any colds like you've described *knocks quickly on wood*

  2. That is fortunate! I hope your luck holds...and you draw out to win a copy! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  3. Sounds fabulous - always looking for a new, good read! Thanks for the opportunity to win! Hope the rest of your winter is cold-free!

  4. Sounds like something my daughter would love to read - especially right now, to escape studying for mid-terms! :-)

    1. Ooooooh! I would love this! It sounds wonderful! Given the choice between reading and pretty much anything else I usually choose...............................reading!

  5. My comments always get funny and don't submit. Trying again--this book sounds great! And winning it would make it even better, I bet. :)