Monday, January 27, 2014

New Year Giveaway #4: All the Truth that's in Me, by Julie Berry

For a more serious review of this amazing book, go here for my initial review. It says something like: To call this book riveting is an understatement, but what else can you say? Gripping, spell-binding, relentless, enthralling, stay-in-bed-and-pretend-you're-sick-for-a-weekend-so-you-can-finish-it-good. If you haven't been glued to a book in a while, this one's for you.

But I didn't want to repeat myself, so here's a sillier post for you to enjoy.

I have already read what will possibly be my favorite book of the year, although it was published in 2012. It's called Cozy Classics: Moby Dick by Holman and Jack Wang.

It's a board book.

It's twelve pages long.

It's twelve WORDS long.

And those twelve words made me laugh so hard in the middle of a crowded library that I think I might just "lose" it at home and pay for it as a lost book. No, no. I would never do that.

I really wish I could write you these twelve words. But I will include a link and encourage you to go out and buy it.

So in honor of this masterpiece and in hopes the editors will meander by this site and hire me on the spot, I offer you my own Cozy Classic of Julie Berry's All the Truth That's In Me which is on my shortlist of best loved books of 2013. Julie's book will be our next giveaway because her version (as opposed to mine) is actually good. Great. Remarkable. You should really get your hands on a copy if you don't win it here.

To win, you have to post and let me know your favorite classic book. Or your favorite board book. Or whether or not you've read Moby Dick...either the Melville version or the board book.

Cozy Classic: All the Truth That's In Me (keep in mind, that I don't want to actually give anything too important away...)

... Oh darn. I just can't write a last word without ruining the ending. You'll have to read it and see what last word you would pick. And, to be honest, this little ditty doesn't do a shred of justice to the actual book. Not one shred.

Also, I think I can get this giveaway signed for you. No, not by me. By Julie. She is very nice like that.



  1. Love your Classic Cosy--it's perfect!

  2. My favorite classic will always always always be Rebecca. And I haven't read Moby Dick.

  3. Thanks, Cate! Rebecca is a great choice. I haven't read all of Moby Dick either, but I have tried. It's absolutely beautiful but some kind of Pavlov's dog thing has happened to me where I fall asleep almost instantly when reading it. Maybe that's why I like the twelve word version so much. I got through it!

  4. My favorite classic is Wuthering Heights, I have the original version and the board-book.

    1. Excellent! One of my favorites as well. I must see the board book!

  5. Little Women I always fancied myself as a Jo type person

    1. If you're reading this blog, you're definitely a Jo type person! Thank you for posting :)